Independent Projects




»The next session begins Nov. 1st. «

Times: Monday 4:30-6pm or Tuesday 3:30-5pm or Saturday 11-12:30pm

Supply List: Will be based on the students direction. Supply lists will be discussed on the first day of class. Materials can be purchased after that. Or students may bring their supplies on the first day.

In this class students will be able to create projects based on self direction. With the expertise and guidance from the instructor students are able to learn new and different things while being in charge of their passion. This is a great class for students looking to explore their own creativity or who don’t feel like the more medium based classes are right for them at this moment.

»How our classes work«

  • Classes run for 2 month sessions. There are 7 classes per session.
  • Session dates are Sept+Oct, Nov+Dec, Jan+Feb, Mar+Apr, May+Jun.
  • Tuition prices are for the 2 month session.
  • You must supply your own materials.
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