Benefits of Working in Mixed Media

When creating a work of art, there are many people who prefer to use a single medium. For example, they will spend all of their time creating their artwork with watercolors and opt against using ink and colored pencils as well.Benefits of Working in Mixed Media

This is not a bad approach to take, but using mixed media can be fun as well. Here are some benefits of doing it.

You can experiment more and take more risks.

The more media you work with when you create art, the more chances you’ll have to experiment and try out things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. If you limit yourself to only, say, painting, you might not be able to create the sharp angles you want in your artwork. At the same time, if you only draw with ink, you won’t be able to get different hits of color into your work and really bring it to life. Using mixed media is all about taking bold risks and seeing how they pay off.

You can come up with creative new ideas.

By limiting yourself to a single medium, you will also limit the type of artwork that you are capable of creating. That painting of the ocean might look great, but it also might look like all of the other ocean paintings out there. You can put your own spin on it by incorporating some glitter into the mix or finding another medium that will really make your painting stand out in the crowd.

You can surprise those who look at your work later.

There’s nothing quite like showing someone a work of art and having their jaw drop when they see how you worked a surprising medium into it. They might not be blown away by your otherwise routine drawing of a dog, but they’ll be amazed by how you were able to work a medium into the drawing to show the texture of the dog’s fur. It will put your artwork over the top and allow you to have fun while you’re making it.

Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts is all about mixing and matching different media to create unique pieces of art. We offer a mixed media class for adults that will show you how to work various mediums into art in order to bring your creativity out. Call us at 508-543-5665 today to reserve a spot in the course.