Toilet Paper Tube Decoration

As you and your kids gear up for Thanksgiving, it is important to keep them occupied and not staring at the television. We suggest doing some fun, inexpensive craft projects this year with them. Below are our three favorite projects to do with the young ones.

Pine Cone Turkey

What could be more festive than creating a cute little turkey or turkeys to line the dining room table with for the Thanksgiving feast. Have the little ones collect pine cones from around the neighborhood and pick up a few plastic leaves, a selection of googly eyes and some foam paper. Cut out a beak and gobblers from the foam paper, Grab the glue gun and glue on the eyes, beak and gobbler. Lastly, glue the leaves in place to the turkey’s plume. In no time at all you will have a cute pine cone turkey. (Source:

Feather Place Mats

In keeping up with the table décor theme, feather place mats are another fun idea to make for guests. Take one of your dinner plates and trace around it on a sheet of paper. Cut out the circle and glue feathers along the circle’s edge, leaving the centers blank – the plates will cover the centers. Make enough place mats for every guest at the table. (Source:

Toilet Paper Tube DecorationThankful Turkeys

If you never know what to do with empty toilet paper roll or paper towel rolls, save them for Thanksgiving! All you need is some construction paper, cardboard tubes, googly eyes and craft foam. Cut out feathers from the construction paper and have your kids write what they are thankful for on them. Then glue on the feathers, googly eyes, gobbler and beak – both made from the foam paper – and you have yourself a thankful turkey. (Source:

These fun crafts are sure to bring the family closer together this holiday season. At Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts, we also have great ways to celebrate the season in our classes and special workshops, such as our Card Making session scheduled for noon to 2 p.m