different drawing hatching techniques

Artists draw at all different skill levels.

For some, drawing is their specialty. For others, it is simply a part of many types of art forms used in their work.

No matter your level of drawing, one can always improve. Who knows—you may end up finding the true sketch artist within, or simply enjoy witnessing your creativity and art grow with you.

And that’s where we come in!

Here are a few highly effective tips for bettering your drawing skills:

Practice your skill

different drawing hatching techniques

And then once you have practiced—go practice again.

It’s the secret to developing most of your skills, especially as an artist. How will you learn if you don’t try? And how can you improve if you don’t then try again?

One of the best ways to begin bettering your drawing skills is to practice.

Set aside time to be non-judgmental of yourself and just draw!

Find creative ways to incorporate drawing into your daily life, and if you work in the arts, don’t be afraid to take jobs that require you to take on a new drawing challenge.

You can always make a grid

If you are noticing that you can’t get the proportions of your drawing quite right, then employ a grid!

A simple grid will help keep you in check while also taking your drawing from a large and daunting piece, to smaller and more simple pieces of the puzzle.

The grid method can also help you enlarge an image, making it easier to replicate as a drawing.

Seek out online resources

Fortunately, we live in the digital age where there is a myriad of resources to help you find other artists and blogs (like this one!), sharing with you tips and best practices to excel in your art.

Search for sites that will help you hone your drawing skills in a relaxed and non-critical manner.

Study the basics

female artist drawing a still life in art studioBecome a student again!

Even if you’ve already been to art school, there’s always more to learn.

Whether art is your profession or simply a deep passion, learning the basics of drawing is a must if you want to get better. Trying to “wing it” will only set you back, taking more time for you to identify your own mistakes.

Instead, embrace the fundamentals through books, videos, and drawing classes!

Find inspiration from the professionals

Practice by copying the work of the best. And despite some who may believe that there’s no creativity in being a copycat, there is actually plenty.

From attempting to replicate your favorite artist’s portrait piece to stumbling upon work that moves you, these artists created these masterpieces to inspire others.

Use these artists’ work as a resource for learning and exploring new drawing skills.

And as you do, you can start to experiment with your own style, taking their original idea and putting your personality into it—this is the best way to not only strengthen your drawing skills, but dive deeper into your own artistic expression.

charcoal drawing of a woman sitting

Tenacity is your friend

The best way to improve your drawing skills is to stick with the process and keep working hard.

Starting five pieces of artwork, only to leave them all incomplete when you feel yourself getting stuck is not the way to expand your drawing skills.

Tenacity is required here.

You must stick with your artwork until it looks the way you want it to. 

Draw with a variety of new utensils

Although you may feel attached to your all-time favorite drawing utensil, it is extremely beneficial to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

By bringing in a new tool, trying a new surface, or even drawing in a new environment, you will be able to break through complacency and access a new level of creativity that you thought was lacking.

Bonus: check out what THE Leonardo da Vinci used to draw with here!

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