watercolor painting of flowers

Watercolor painting lends itself to mess-free, low-risk experimentation, allowing new artists to express themselves in fun and creative ways.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start painting with watercolors!

Don’t be afraid of mixing too much paint

Watercolor Painting Class in MAyou need more than you think, so prepare yourself by mixing a good amount in the beginning. Imagine getting to the middle of your painting and running completely out of the color you need to finish your background. You do not want to find yourself scrambling to re-create the color you painstakingly created the first time around.

When mixing watercolor paints, mix only two colors at a time to avoid a muddy mess. Test the color of your mixture on scrap paper before applying it to your painting. Remember that the paint dries lighter on paper than it will appear when wet.

Embrace the water when it comes to this method of painting

Learning how to properly use water in watercolor painting is the secret to a successful artistic experience. Keep one or two bowls of clean water nearby to clean off your brushes between colors. The water turns murky fast, so try using a large container to keep the water cleaner longer or change the water frequently.

Be careful not to let muddy water add unwanted colors to your painting! Dab your brush on a paper towel before dipping it into a new paint to avoid putting extra water on your paper. Extra water spreads your paint, changing the desired effect of your painting.

Stay loose and have confidence

Getting used to painting with watercolors takes time and you are bound to make mistakes as you get started. Watercolor paint bleeds when wet paint is applied too close to another color, and mixing watercolors takes time to master, so it is possible your creation ends up looking far different from what you planned.

Learn to embrace your mistakes and be proud of your finished product; art is attractive because there are numerous ways to find it beautiful. Roll with whatever happens and keep practicing your technique!

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