Comic Book Actions

Creative writing and finding self-expression can be hard at such a young age, so why not let your children express themselves with something fun and interactive: comic books!

Encourages creative writingComic Book Actions

Comic books seem to serve as an effective gateway to some kids who tend to struggle to embrace creative writing. This avenue allows them to express themselves and think outside of the box when writing their own stories. From building characters and plots, to deciding on graphics and dialogue, comic books allow self-expression and freedom in their writing. It’ll enhance a child’s reading and writing skills, as well as give them the little confidence boost they need to keep expressing themselves!

Conjure up excitement and imagination

Building your own comic book is an adventure in itself and gives your kids the opportunity to create something with their own two hands. However, this project isn’t like any other handmade craft. Not only will your kids be able to exercise their imagination, they’ll become their own comic book creator, just like their role models that provided them with heroic stories like The Amazing of Spider-Man and Star Wars.

Allows them to tell their own unique story

No matter the genre, (superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, adventure, etc.) the story your child creates will be entirely their own. They will work on developing compositions, layouts and narrations and at the end they’ll have built their very own comic book.

At Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts Foxborough, we have the perfect opportunity for your kids to create a comic book of their own! The class lasts a full week and there are two different sessions you can choose from to attend this summer. Give us a call at 508-543-5665 today for more information on our comic book kids class!