Older woman drawing with charcoal

Connecting our youngest and oldest generations through art is essential in creating a supportive and well-rounded community. Not only is it a fun learning experience for all, intergenerational art classes help forge meaningful bonds between the students—no matter their age.

Benefiting adults

Older woman drawing with charcoal

Many older adults, especially those working in retirement, have expressed that they want to work with youth in some way, passing on lessons and stories to young minds that are eager to learn.

Not only do the younger generations tend to bring out the positives in us, they also keep us sharp and ready for anything. From a refreshing and active imagination to sharing their perspective on the world, interacting with youth can be inspiring when we need it most.

And it is no secret that the younger generations have been introduced to technology early on in their lives, allowing them to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving digital age. Through working with their younger counterparts, adults are able to learn more about new innovations, and the latest in technology and culture.

Young girl drawing with charcoalBenefiting youth

Intergenerational art classes are not just connecting youth with older adults, they are giving them multiple positive role models to rely on and learn from.

Many young people struggle with self-esteem and stress as they make their way through the many chapters of their lives and spending time with older adults gives them the confidence and support they need to find their way.

Although they may only focus on the world of art, these meaningful interactions between generations helps youth in many aspects of their lives. They can practice problem-solving and communication, and also grow through their art.

And with older—and arguably wiser—peers sitting beside them, young artists have the opportunity to work to understand other artists’ journeys and the different paths available to them.

Joining our intergenerational art classes

At Hunakai Studio, we believe that there is always more to learn, whether that be from one of our instructors or from your fellow classmates.

With our intergenerational art classes, we see a variety of skill levels and different ways of thinking come together to create something more than just individual pieces of art. These classes create a positive community to learn and grow in.

Art spans generations and we are grateful for that.

If you’re interested in learning more about our art classes for children and adults, give us a call at 508-543-5665.