Art Gallery at Hunakai Studio

Your artwork is exactly that: a piece in which you worked to create in order to express yourself and your ideas.

Though these may only be creations that you made for yourself at first, the world is also waiting to hear your story.

Emerging artists often struggle to find the right opportunities to display their artwork, and with minimal sales or experience in getting artwork in front of the public eye, breaking into the industry can be difficult.

However, those factors should not keep you from finding your way in—artists must first be smart about the steps they take to get into a gallery.

Think about what makes your art yours

young artist drawing at a table

Galleries are looking for an uniqueness that complements their vision, that explores their overall theme but also expands upon it, bringing in a fresh, new feeling.

What makes your art yours?

Do you utilize unexpected materials? Are you defining a different artistic perspective? Or perhaps the inspiration behind it tells a story unlike any other?

Whatever makes your artwork yours is essential in getting it displayed in a gallery because it’s not just about the piece; it’s about what it represents to you and everyone who sees it.

Find a gallery that matches your style and experience

You don’t want to waste your time or the gallerist’s time working to get into a space that isn’t in the same realm as your creative vision.

So before you submit any work, research to see what their overall vision is. If your work complements that vision, then that could be a gallery focus on getting into.

Put your best foot forward

Since you are a newer artist in the art business, they may only carry one genre of your work at first. So, when putting your art out there, it’s essential that you are highlighting your strongest work.

Refine your collection to your main art form; portraits should not include landscapes, and pencil drawing should not include oil painting.

Show them what you are most passionate about because it will be noticed and make the right first impression.

Dive into the art community

Art Gallery at Hunakai Studio

As we mentioned before, the art industry can be tough to get into, but the art community is a great place to start. Filled with artists supporting other artists, this community is built upon making connections and finding your path.

Be sure to attend art gallery openings in your area, introduce yourself to anyone and everyone—artists and gallerists.

By familiarizing yourself with these fellow artists and art enthusiasts, you can begin to build strong relationships and a good reputation in the community.

And when an art gallery is looking for a new artist, you’ll be the first to know.

At Hunakai Studio, we foster our own community of artists at every skill level. Build your portfolio or explore a new art form—we have many opportunities to grow with your art.

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