young student oil painting at Hunakai Studio

Children love to express themselves through art, showing their developing creativity and limitless imagination. Creating art gives them the opportunity to explore their mind and their skills to find something they are truly passionate about.

So, when it comes to being a proud parent of one of these talented pupils, you tend to accumulate several masterpieces that must be put on display in your home.

young student oil painting at Hunakai Studio

Here are a few ideas to help you set up a kid’s art gallery at home so that you can watch their art grow as they do!

Mismatched frames

Turn your display into somewhat of an art installation yourself.

Try to find mismatched frames—no matter the colors, shapes, or sizes—from garage sales, thrift stores, or even the basement.

Frames can be put up with or without art placed inside with tape, making it easy to change at will.

When put together on a single wall, you will have created a beautiful and eccentric art gallery.

Paint “frames” on the wall

Instead of hanging frames, you can make your own easily by painting squares or rectangles right on the walls.

This gallery can be used in the same way, where art can be interchanged easily.

Use cork boards

Keep your home art gallery up-to-date with ease by using colorful cork boards.

Not only are they perfect for hanging on a gallery wall, you will also be able to swap out artwork without much work on your part.

The new art can go up while the older pieces make their way to storage.

child's drawings displayed on wall at homeInstall floating wall shelves

If you have the room—and the supplies—floating wall shelves may be a good investment.

Again, this makes it easy to change out your child’s artwork as well as allow you to display all sorts of different types of art. From pencil drawings and oil paintings, to framed art and ceramics, these floating shelves are the perfect home for your child’s creations.

Showing off your child’s art

Have a gallery opening to show off your child’s artwork at the end of each school year. Family and friends will love to see how hard your child has worked and witness their growth through art.

You can even make cards for the holidays using photos of their artwork so that everyone can enjoy, even if they’re far away.

At Hunakai Studio, our children are able to express themselves through many art forms, developing their skills and exploring their talents.

Our students go home with many beautiful art pieces that definitely deserve their own home gallery, so get the frames ready and keep the clothespin on hand!

Looking to help guide your little one’s path in the art world?

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