Acrylic Painting

This Class is suitable for:

  • Teens

Times: Saturday 1-3pm

Cost: $340.00

Instructor: Michael Evans

Supply List: Download Supply List

This class is scheduled to begin in our September/October Session. 

If you were effected by the March/April Shutdown – Please call to register to receive your 30% discount on classes

  • Monday class is now full.
  • Saturday’s first class is Sept. 19th

Work in the complicated yet simple to learn medium of acrylics. This acrylic art class near Sharon MA is designed to master the limitations of the medium while exploring various techniques. Acrylics is a great class for beginners or for those looking to explore beyond oils and watercolors. This class caters to all skill levels. The curriculum allows for work in landscapes, portraits, animals and abstracts.

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