Crafting Brain Benefits

According to some experts, crafting can help diminish the symptoms and improve the moods of people who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, along with easing stressing and increasing happiness.

Crafting Brain BenefitsRecently, CNN told the story of a woman who lost her brother in a tragic accident and suffered post-traumatic stress as a result. Her path back to a normal life was difficult, but through picking up knitting, she was able to help ease her stress and calm her mind, helping her move past and through the terrible strain that her brother’s death had cause.

There is more and more research being done on the benefits of crafting, beyond the many anecdotal stories. In many ways, crafting and creating art can have similar effects to meditation. Taking on a project can force the subject to focus on a new task, concentrating their energy on something positive. Since a number of crafts include repetitive motion, that can sometimes sooth people thanks to a steady rhythm of activity.

Crafting can also activate the reward center in our brains as projects advance along or reach completion, releasing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. When people do something that feels rewarding, they get a happy feeling, in part caused by this natural neurotransmitter. The chemical is believed to have evolved to help encourage humans to repeat activities that promote survival, but over time has evolved to include other activities as well. For some people, that includes crafting.

Having an artistic hobby or intellectually challenging activity as part of your life can also improve brain function later in life. New studied cited in the CNN article seem to indicate that mentally engaging activities can prevent atrophy of the brain and even delay the onset of dementia by a significant time. In fact, a recent clinical trial seems to show that reasoning and processing speed in the brain can show a marked improvement for as long as a decade after finishing training in a new skill or art form.

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