Senior Citizens One of the greatest fears of growing old is the prospect of becoming depressed, dependent and bored in our elder years. So it is important to find something that to focus our creative energies on and something that keeps us engaged to stay social and sharp in retirement.

Now it seems that art may be the secret formula to happiness in our golden years.

Luckily there are already programs in place that help to promote the arts in senior centers around the country. Programs like The Music and Memory Project and EngAGE have been fundamental in creating fun ways for seniors to use music and art to keep their minds sharp and their creativity flowing, and the advantages are endless.

So what are these seniors up to? It’s up to their preference. For members at the Burbank Senior Artists Colony in Southern California, it is everything from painting art pieces to line the halls of the colony to a spectacularly creative 82-year-old who wrote a full-length screenplay that her fellow residents performed, reports The New York Times in a recent blog.

The seniors who have been active in these endeavors have reported feeling younger and more energized, with some of them even feeling decades younger than their actual age. It’s not just a fluke either. Some scientists have documented the proven effects that creative projects can have on seniors, specifically that creativity can increase the formation of new dendrites, the elements in the brain that control communication. Long story short, the creative endeavors have a hand in keeping the mind and body active.

Studies have also shown that when older individuals keep themselves busy with artistic endeavors, their potential for depression dips, they visit the doctor less often, and their chances of slipping or falling reduce greatly. The best part is that the possibility for creativity is almost unlimited, and it is only restricted to what the person likes to do. Everything from sculpting to drawing to writing is on the table, and it is validation that despite the adage to the contrary, one is never too old to learn a new skill.

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