Adults Taking Hunakai Studio's Creative Mixed Media Class

Most people value creativity, and can recognize it in just about every aspect of everyday life. From the music you listen to on the way to work or while at work to a poster you may pass by advertising a movie or play, creativity played a role in making so much that we encounter on a daily basis. For this reason and others, many people wish they were more creative without ever realizing they have that potential inside of them. That’s why we’re excited that January is International Creativity Month.

Explore Your CreativityIf you’ve been searching for an excuse to explore your creativity, now is the perfect time. Created by Randall Munson, International Creativity Month is all about encouraging people to express their creativity in a number of different ways. Maybe you want to compose a piece of music, draw a picture or even start a business. All of these tasks and more involve being creative in ways you may have never even thought about.

Munson, a motivational speaker and business executive, started International Creativity Month in hopes that more people would use their creativity to help them achieve goals in their personal or professional lives. Munson believes that creativity is the key when it comes to growing our own capabilities and living a more fulfilling life. Creative thinking can often help to work past problems in life, while expressing your creative side through the arts can serve as an excellent way to relieve stresses from your day or week and even open your mind to new solutions you haven’t thought of before.

Whether you’re already a very creative person or you haven’t created anything in years, this month is the ideal time to foster your creative side. January is always the perfect month for a fresh start, making the celebration of International Creativity Month perfect to kick off 2016. If you’re eager to discover or develop your creative potential, Hunakai Studio of the Fine Arts has a wide variety of classes, lessons and workshops that can help you discover and focus your creative outlets in a wide range of artistic endeavors. Check out our class schedule online now to explore the options currently available or call us today at 508-543-5665 to learn more.