Hunakai Studio's 3D Sculpture Piece

Urban art has been a popular means of expression for generations, but with the increasing presence of social media, some urban artists like BANKSY and Shepard Fairey are becoming well known as some of the leading artists of our time.

In our new Graffiti and Urban Art class, teens and adults will learn about the techniques used in creating graffiti and urban style art, beginning with letters and characters and moving on to stenciling and collage. Students will be encouraged to work with mixed media, drawing, acrylics, spray paint, watercolor and more during this new class. Students will also study the urban art movement and learn how artists like BANKSY and Fairey got started, and how their styles have evolved and transitioned from street art to their current levels of success.

If you’re curious about the urban and street art movement and how urban art can become synonymous with gallery-level talent, this class might be for you. Not only will you learn some art history, but you’ll be able to try your hand at this unique art form, learning techniques from a practiced teacher and working in a variety of different mediums.

This class focusing on the hot topic of urban art will cover techniques and applications as well as the history of the movement within the context of the formal elements of art and principals of design. This class meets from 4-6 p.m. Thursdays, and is open to teens and adults of all ages. To learn more or to sign up for this – or any other – class, call Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts today at 508-543-5665.