While many will be gearing up for Spring Break, we want you to take a minute to think about what your child (or children) is going to do this summer. At Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts, we offer several weeklong sessions throughout the summer including half- and full-day courses for kids and teens.

This summer, we’re launching three new classes, including Things with Wings, Robots and Dragons. All of these – and our many additional classes – are geared toward helping kids develop their skill set while helping each student find his or her own artistic style, and we are confident these classes will be a popular addition to our current class offering.

To give you a better idea of what these classes will offer your child, let’s take a deeper look at each of our new classes.

Things With Wings Art ClassWe are especially excited about the Things with Wings class. This class will focus on fairies, dragons, birds, bats, bugs, airplanes – really anything that has wings! Not only will we be working with two-dimensional artwork, we’ll also create 3D pieces. This class is perfect for any child, particularly the child who likes to use his or her imagination! Tuition for this weeklong session is $300 with an additional $20 fee for materials.

During the Robots class, kids will create and draw robots as inspired by the classic sci-fi characters that we all have grown up loving. We will work in both two- and three-dimensional mediums, allowing your child to let his or her imagination take over. The cost, inclusive of the session tuition and materials fee, is $320.

Our last new class is Dragons which is sure to attract the attention of kids with a flare for medieval myth Dragons Art Summer Classand magic. Similar to our other classes, this class will also create pieces in two and three dimensions, with students free to design their dragons as fierce or friendly as they like. The cost for this program is also $320 which includes the cost of materials.

If your child is looking for something different, we also offer several other summer kids programs that might me more suited for your pupil’s passions. There are also a few discounts and specials available for those who sign up for our summer sessions before May 1, 2016. To inquire about these discounts or to learn more about any summer class session, call the studio today at 508-543-5665.